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Therapy how you see fit

Therapy without borders

Offering therapeutic support and weekly sessions on-line allows for effective treatment to those who are unable to meet face to face, live abroad, do not have access to local therapy, prefer to do therapy from the comfort of their own home or on the go. As a result of a more globalized world and the effects of COVID-19 more and more people are turning to Teletherapy as a safe an effective means of receiving much needed therapeutic support.

Working from Home
Two Friends Chatting


Therapy without borders

It is now possible to conduct effective and intimate therapy via Teletherapy. Many people shy away from the idea because it seems daunting at first, which is understandable. But it has been proven effective, convenient and versatile in getting you the therapeutic results you are looking for. 

Face-to-Face Therapy

In Person Therapy Sessions in the Clinic 

A comfortable and centrally located therapy clinic is provided to carry out face-to-face (whilst socially distancing via COVID-19 recommendations) therapy sessions. Free parking is available upon request. 

Doing therapy in your mother tongue (Hebrew or English)

If you are living in Israel or abroad and you are in need of focused CBT therapy and prefer to do it in your mother tongue, you have come to the right place. Many Israelis have relocated and successfully built communities and integrated into the job world but still do not feel comfortable conducting therapy in a foreign language. Thus you have the flexibility to do so in Hebrew and feel connected to your roots. On the flip side, you are an Olah Hadasha (or Yeshana) and although you do speak Hebrew on some level, therapy is just more comfortable in your native tongue.  

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