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Experience & Professional Certification


Academic Degrees and Professional Certification

·2002-2006 - Bachelors of Arts - Sociology - Womens Studies, Criminology and Cultural Studies - Bishops University - Quebec 

·2006-2008 - Masters of Social Work - Health and Mental Health - University of Toronto - Ontario 

·2013-2015 - CBT, DBT and Trauma Certification Course via The Israel Psychotrauma Center - Jerusalem, Israel

·2016-2018 - Substance Use Treatment Certification Course via the Ministry of Welfare, Tel Aviv, Israel 

·2019 - Graduate of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder online course via Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA

·2020 - Graduate of the "ERP School for OCD" Couse Continuing Education via The CBT School Online Course

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